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Do you have any discounts?

Yes, compared to our competitors we offer an Incrementing discount program for all of our clients based on how much they spend with us.

With each order that you place with us, your discount will increase until it reaches a maximum discount of 20%.

These discounts will automatically apply to your future orders for your convenience, and so that you don't forget to apply them your self..

Can the Instagram Saves I receive be spread out instead of delivered all at once?

Yes, we are one of the rare services that offers this out of the box, for free.

First of all, when you buy Instagram Saves from us, we automatically spread out the Saves delivery so that the delivery is more gradual and realistic. But we also offer a variety of delivery speeds to choose from, for even slower Instagram Saves delivery that fits your needs.

But we aware, that choosing the quick delivery speed does not necessarily mean that the order will be delivered that quick, as the social services have limitations that can't be exceeded, so the delivery speed should rather be used as an estimate, the Saves will always be delivered at or slower than the selected speed.

Why should I choose you to buy Instagram Saves in 2023?

Compared to other services out there, we strive to deliver the highest quality Saves that we can.

Our system has advanced algorithms that manage the gradual delivery of your Instagram Saves and validates that they have been delivered even after your order is completed. If there are any issues our system automatically refills the missing amount so that you really get the amount that you purchased.

In addition, growing a popular Instagram profile with many followers is not easy, it takes time and determination. We help you reduce the time it takes to gain new followers by making your content stand out, we do that by delivering quality Instagram Saves, by doing this we're letting new followers see that your account is interesting providing "social proof" and increasing the changes of them following you, as these Instagram Saves serve as proof that you have quality content.

Getting a lot of Instagram Saves also increases your account standing on Instagram, which helps your account stand out and get discovered. Driving new traffic, likes and followers to your social media account.

Is there a way to get free Instagram likes.

Yes, for a while now we have created a Chrome extension that you can Install and earn Free Instagram Likes by participating in our Like Exchange program.

The way this works is by letting our system perform likes on your behalf for other people that participate in our Like Exchange program, or buy Instagram likes.

In simpler terms, when you have the extension enabled, it will periodically send requests to our system for posts to Like, once it receives a valid response it will attempt to like the specified posts and you will be rewarded with 1 like for each like that your profile performs. You are then able to redeem your earned likes in the extension.

Most importantly, this is completely safe, as there is no need to specify your password since the Extension just uses your active Instagram session in your browser. So your account is completely secure.

Earning likes is quick, and redeeming them is even quicker.

Join thousands of others who participate in the exchange, the more people participate, the quicker everyone earns likes.

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"service came as expected"
Oct 31 2023
"Thank you very much 👍🏻"
Oct 12 2023
"Quick orders! I love it"
Sep 30 2023
"Amazing service. Always deliver 👍"
Aug 05 2023
"Best service!"
Aug 05 2023
"Perfect love this company!"
Jun 28 2023
"Worked as advertised. I'm happy with the delivery and the likes look like the from a real account."
Jun 16 2023
"very good service, likes delivered at great pace. Only suggestion would maybe get targeted likes, from specific countries that look even more legit."
Dec 13 2022
"Wow!! Just found this company and the likes are literally real! And I love that I can set the timer to have it gradually come in. Other companies I’ve used were just lame blank or Indian profiles! Definitely will be using you guys now! 👍🏽"
Desmond Mclaren
Nov 14 2022
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